The most innovative social carbon credit platform to be launched.


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Q4 2018


W Green Pay

W Green Pay ("WGP") is a Stellar-compliant token that operates on the Stellar blockchain. The aim of W Green Pay is to increase the public’s participation in GHG (Greenhouse Gas) reduction. W Green Pay will provide the means of incentivizing the public for their GHG reduction efforts.

The HOOXI App will serve as the platform for users to be rewarded by completing GHG reduction tasks.


Following the Korean government’s pledge made at Copenhagen Accord in 2009, the country aims to reduce GHG emission by 37% by 2030.

The Korean government selected W-Foundation to lead the “Nation-wide Public Movement to Reduce GHG Emission (HOOXI Campaign)”.

To support the government’s GHG emission reduction efforts, W-Foundation will launch a mobile application called HOOXI App that monitors and rewards the effort of individuals and the public to reduce GHG emissions.


The most innovative social carbon credit platform to be launched.

W Green Pay (WGP), the blockchain from HOOXI, Korea's government-backed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction campaign, is issued to reward general public's contribution to reducing GHG emissions under Korea's KETS (Korea's Emissions Trading Scheme) market.

WGP is a reward method to GHG reduction efforts on the anticipated HOOXI app. Users will be able to:

Exchange mission points gained from the completed tasks to W Green Pay

Spend W Green Pay at internet shopping malls (partners of W-Foundation)

Use W Green Pay as a payback system on their credit cards


An international non-profit organization established in 2012 and a designated donation organization entitled by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea, is the philanthropic foundation behind the HOOXI campaign. Using the anticipated HOOXI mobile application, individuals can perform GHG reduction missions to collect mission points, which can be exchanged for WGP.

HOOXI Application

HOOXI App will track and aggregate individuals’ GHG reduction data, based on which W-Foundation will be allocated National Emission Permits (NEPs) - carbon emission units traded in the Korean market. Through HOOXI campaign, financial incentives of NEP-based carbon trading will no longer remain as the sole domain of corporations and institutions and will be open to individuals.

W Exchange

W Exchange, under the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) approval, will be launched in March 2019. W Exchange is expected to be a KETS-eligible business entity. The allocated NEPs of HOOXI App are expected to trade at KRX using W Exchange.

Hooxi Campaign Sponsors

YG Entertainment, Hotel Lotte DFS Co., Ltd., Lotte Homeshopping, Philip Morris Korea Ltd., Korea Management Association, Wumart Stores, Inc. (China), Hansol Chemical, Hansol Oak Valley, Borim CS, FnGuide Inc., Sungdo Engineering & Construction, Korea Business News Co., Ltd., YJM Games Co., Ltd., Cleantopia, NET TV Co., Ltd.

Honorary Ambassadors

More than 300 Korean celebrities, including K-pop stars, support HOOXI Campaign as honorary ambassadors of W-Foundation.

Infinite, Lydia Ko, Ailee, Jang Hyuk, Kim Tae-Woo, IOI, Eddy Kim, Shim Hyung-Tak, Max Changmin, Choi Si-Won, Donghae, Kim Yu Jung and Alberto are several of the major ambassadors. There are many more Korean celebrities working with W-Foundation as honorary ambassadors.



The One

Lydia Ko

Jang, Wookhyuk

Changmin (TVXQ)

Choi Siwon

(Super Junior)


(Super Junior)

Kim, Jinho

(SBS Producer of 'Law of the Jungle')

Kim, Jongguk

Alberto Mondi

Kim, Hyungjun

Eddy Kim

Baek, Seonghyeon


Kim, Yujung

Yeo, Jingu


(Girl's Generation)

Seo, Muntak

Bobby Kim



Yoo, Inyeong

Lee, Eungyeol

JK Kim Donguk

Cheon, Hyeonmu


Kwon, Hyeoksu


Jang, Hyuk

KETS (Korea’s Emissions Trading Scheme)

In 2009, Korea made a pledge at the Copenhagen Accord to participate in the global movement to reduce GHG. By 2030, the Korean government aims to reduce GHG emissions by 37% from its business-as-usual scenario. In 2015, Korea launched its Emission Trading Scheme (KETS), which is the second largest in scale after the European Union Emission Trading Scheme at the point of writing.

Korea’s Cap-and-Trade system mitigates GHG emissions through market mechanisms. It applies to approximately 600 companies that account for over 68% of Korea’s GHG output (Korea Carbon, 2018). A cap that determines the maximum emission level that companies are permitted was set by the government. When a company exceeds the cap, the company has to purchase additional National Emissions Permits (NEP) from the market at market price or has to pay a penalty to the government.

The penalty for non-compliance with the KETS is three times the average market price per unit of tCO2e. The maximum penalty is capped at KRW 100,000 per tCO2e (approximately US $93/tCO2e equivalent).

Source: The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), 2015

NEP (National Emissions Permit)

NEP Validation

The Ministry of Environment validates Korea’s NEP, and the NEP is exchanged at the prevailing market price. Despite the increasing demand for NEP in the market, the allocation of NEP by the Ministry of Environment is limited. The price of NEP per ton is high at approximately KRW 22,000 (US $20) as of April 14, 2018. This is higher than EU’s CER that is priced at approximately Euro 13.84 (approximately KRW 17,700) as of April 16, 2018.

NEP Market Size

Approximately 600 companies participate in carbon emission trading in Korea. The market size of NEP rapidly increased from a baseline of KRW 57.3 billion in 2015 when KETS started to KRW 194.6 billion in 2016 and KRW 438.5 billion in 2017 (validated data from January to October, 2017) (The Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea, 2017). The Korean government expects the NEP market to continue to grow in the coming years.


WGP Ecosystem

Individuals can easily set up user accounts on the HOOXI application. As application users, individuals can select among many simple predefined missions such as taking the public transport, reducing electricity usage or purchasing identified eco-products.

Examples of how to collect WGP as a payback for credit card usage:

Buying from W Green Pay partnered businesses

Purchasing identified eco-products

Taking public transportation

Token Sales

The total number of W Green Pay issued will remain constant at 1 billion tokens.

Of the total 1 billion WGP, only 200 million WGP (20%) will be open for private and public sale, and 800 million (80%) WGP will remain without sale at this ICO event. The use of the 800million unsold WGP is as following:

  • 200 million (20%): held by the WGP issuer (lock-up for period of six (6) months from the end of public sale)
  • 200 million (20%): allocated to HOOXI App to provide as reward to HOOXI Campaign participants
  • 400 million (40%): reserved for future sale (lock-up for period of six (6) months from the end of public sale)
Token Name W Green Pay
Token Symbol WGP
Platform Stellar
Token Supply Fixed supply of 1 billion, 200 million for sale
Currency Accepted XLM / ETH / BTC / USD
Token Price US$2 per token
Private Sale Date May to October, 2018
Public Sale Date Q4 2018
Soft Cap US$25 million
Hard Cap 200 million WGP
Lock-up Period W Green Pay held by the Team shall be subjected to a lock-up period of six (6) months from the end of public sale


  • GHG Reduction Campaign (HOOXI Campaign) Declaration Ceremony

    Beautiful World by W-Foundation

  • Talk about Love by W-Foundation

    Together As One by W-Foundation

  • GHG Reduction Campaign (HOOXI Campaign) Committee Inauguration Ceremony



    Korea's Largest Government-backed HOOXI Campaign Ventures into Blockchain



    Korea’s Government-backed HOOXI Campaign Issues W Green Pay (WGP), First Blockchain Enabled Reward System For GHG Reduction by Individuals



    Korea’s Government-backed HOOXI Campaign Issues W Green Pay (WGP), First Blockchain Enabled Reward System For GHG Reduction by Individuals



    Korea’s Government-backed HOOXI Campaign Issues W Green Pay (WGP), First Blockchain Enabled Reward System For GHG Reduction by Individuals



    Korean Government-backed HOOXI WPG Campaign Launches into Blockchain



    Korea's Largest Government-backed HOOXI Campaign Ventures into Blockchain



    Korea's Largest Government-backed HOOXI Campaign Ventures into Blockchain



    Korean Government-backed HOOXI WPG Campaign Launches into Blockchain



    Korea’s Government-Backed HOOXI Campaign Issues W Green Pay (WGP), First Blockchain Enabled Reward System for GHG Reduction by Individuals


  • AFP

    W Green Pay (WGP) - The Global Solution to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction



  • Dec 2017

    • HOOXI Campaign Declaration

  • Apr 2018

    • HOOXI Campaign Committee Inauguration

    • W Green Pay Certification in Singapore

  • May - Oct 2018

    • W Green Pay Private Sale

  • Q4 2018

    • W Green Pay Public Sale

  • Mar 2019

    • W Exchange Launch


Wook Lee


Kyung Keun Hong

President, W-Foundation

Youree Lee PH.D.


Bruno Wu

Director of Strategy


Financial Adviser

Chen Shun Teng

Business Adviser

(Group Strategy & Corporate Affairs Manager at WWRC Holding Pte. Ltd. “WWRC Group”)

Alex Sung-Hyeok Hong, Msci, MSc.

Director, W-Foundation

(Director of HOOXI Global and CEO of AZworth Trust)

Chris Low

Technology Adviser

(Managing Partner and Executive Chairman at Novum Capital)

Jeremy Khoo

Business Development Adviser

(Group CEO iFashion Group, Crypto Fund Partner, Blockchain Entrepreneur)

Irwin Chee

Business Development Adviser

(Venture Capital Partner, Crypto Fund Partner, Blockchain Consultant)

Seonggu Ryu Ph.D.

Adviser/Chief Relationship Officer

(Professor, Seokyung University)

Chuljun Kim M.D.

Adviser/Chief Technology Officer

(Chairman/Medical Doctor, Daejeon Wellness Hospital)

ADVISERS (W-Foundation, HOOXI Campaign)


Im, Jongseong

Member, National Assembly of Republic of Korea

Yoon, Kwansuk

Member, National Assembly of Republic of Korea

Kim, Beongwook

Member, National Assembly of Republic of Korea

Oh, Jangsup

Former Minster, Ministry of Construction and Transportation

Lee, Sanghui

Former Minster, Ministry of Science Technology

Ma, Changwan

Vice Minister for Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Science and ICT

Legal Profession & Financial Institutions

Ko, Eunseok

Chief Prosecutor, Bucheon, Incheon District Supereme Prosecutor’s Office

Kim, Chadong

Professor in Department of Law & Former Judge of Seoul High Court, Hanyang University

Park, Huiseung

President Lawyer & Former Chief judge of a district court, Pyeong San (Law Firm) & Suwon District Court

Jang, Ilsuk

Chairman, New Finance Society Institute

Choi, Huinam

President, Korea Investment Corporation (Sovereign Wealth Fund)

Media & Entertainment

Song, Jaejo

President, Korea Economic TV(Broadcasting Network)

Dongyul Seok

Public Relations Adviser (Deputy Director of Dong-A Daily News)

Min, Yongjae

President, YJM Games(KODAQ listed IT Company)

Park, Junhee

Chairman, inet-TV (Broadcasting Network)

Yoon, Ilsang

Highly Recognized Musician in Korea (Songwriter, Composer)

Corporations & Organizations

Kim, Jongryang

Chairman, Hanyang University (Major University in Korea)


Chairman, Hansol Chemical

Choi, Jonggu

President, Eastar Jet (Airline)

Kim, Peter

Chairman, JIOS AEROGEL (Major Corp. in Advanced New Materials)

Kwon, Ryan

President, Jimei Korea (Major Real Estate Developing Corp. in China and Korea)

Park, Jonghwa

CEO, KR Industry (Major Construction Corp.)

Moon, Gyeonghwan

CEO, SCGO (Major Real Estate Developing Corp.)

Lee, Bonggyu

Executive Director, Hanyang (Major E&C Corp.)

Kim, Dongman

Chairman, K-Khan (Major Construction Corp.)

Choi, Youngeun

President, Mantoss Power (Major H&R Outsourcing Corp.)

Hong, Nanggi

Executive Director, Kumho Construction (Major E&C Corp.)

Chun, Jonggi

Chairman, Seegene Medical Foundation (Global Clinical Testing Organization)

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Chairman, W-Foundation

Founder and Chairman of W-Foundation, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Built global network to enable public-private partnerships with governments, corporations, and institutions. Established Global Climate Refugee Fund with global donors and grew W- Foundation into influential Global Nature Conservation Organization. Bachelor of Law from Hanyang University.


CEO, W-Foundation

Co-Founder and CEO of W-Foundation, W-HY R&D, Hooxi Research Institute, and COO of Hooxi Foundation (USA). Extensive investment and corporate banking experience at Shinhan Macquarie Financial Advisory and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, with Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. in International Business from Ewha Womans University. Currently lectures at Ewha and Hanyang Universities.


Financial Adviser, W-Foundation

23 years’ experience in banking, consulting, and new business development at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, Oliver Wyman, and Samsung Corporation, with M.B.A. from Stern School of Business, New York University, and B.A. in Economics and Political Science from The George Washington University.


Public Relations Adviser, W-Foundation (Deputy Director of Dong-A Daily News)

25 years’ experience as a leading, influential journalist, Vice Chairman of the International Federation of Journalists, Chairman of Korea Press Photography Association. Adjunct Professor of Media & Communication at Hanyang University.


Adviser/Chief Relationship Officer, W-Foundation (Professor, Seokyung University)

25 years’ experience in strategic planning, group management consulting, and marketing at Samsung Group, most recently as Vice President of Marketing Strategy Group at Samsung Electronics. Professor of Business Administration at Seokyung University.


Adviser/Chief Technology Officer, W-Foundation (Chairman/Medical Doctor, Daejeon Wellness Hospital)

20 years’ experience as a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and investor. As CEO of a major hospital, led high profile M&A and investments in the medical industry. Currently developing blockchain technology for the medical industry to securely store health records. Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Chungnam National University.


Director of Strategy, W-Foundation

High-profile media mogul from China. The Founder, Co-Chairman and CEO of Sun Seven Stars Entertainment & Media Group Limited, one of the biggest private media and investment companies in China. Major shareholder of DBOT, The Delaware Board of Trade Holdings Inc., the first and only blockchain based Alternative Trading System fully licensed by the SEC. Bruno is also the former Chairman of Sun Media Group and former Director of Shanda Group. Bruno and his wife (Yang Lan, one of the most popular celebrities in China) made the 2016 Forbes China Rich List with an estimated fortune worth $1 billion.


Business Adviser, W-Foundation (Group Strategy & Corporate Affairs Manager at WWRC Holding Pte. Ltd. “WWRC Group”)

In charge of charting future growth through overseas expansion, JV/partnerships and M&A at WWRC Group, a Pan-Asian Chemical Distributor with the presence in 16 Asian Cities. Prior to joining WWRC Group, worked in banking with Citi and OCBC. Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) with First Class Honors Degree from Nanyang Technological University.


Technology Adviser, W-Foundation (Managing Partner and Executive Chairman at Novum Capital)

Successful serial entrepreneur having built one of the largest social gaming site in Southeast Asia, called Viwawa. Co-founded SoftPay Mobile, the largest Mobile POS company in Vietnam. Graduated with a BSc. Merit in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore.


Business Development Adviser, W-Foundation

International business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. Currently Group CEO of retail conglomerate iFashion Group and is co-leading MC Payment's public listing on the SGX. Jeremy is heavily involved in blockchain projects and has been instrumental in the sale of more than US$100M in tokens for 8 companies.


Business Development Adviser, W-Foundation

Lead Consultant at Novum Capital specialising in Blockchain Applications, ICO Consultancy and Investor Relations. To date, ICO projects that he has managed have sold tokens in excess of US$100M.


President, W-Foundation

President of W-Foundation, Chairman of Hooxi Global and Chairman of Truben Investment Group. Truben Investment Group manages one of the biggest investment funds in Korea, with focus on infrastructure and long term capital projects. One of the businesses Truben Investment Group owns is the National Sports Lottery of Korea called K-toto, which is operated under an exclusive license agreement with the Korean government. Annual sale of the K-toto is approximately 5 billion USD.


Director, W-Foundation (Director of HOOXI Global and CEO of AZworth Trust)

With 10 years experiences in private equity fund and strategic consulting specializing as a science/technology expert as well as being a famed motivational speaker. Alex holds master's degrees in theoretical physics from Imperial College London and in history and philosophy of natural sciences from UCL. Currently serves as CEO of AZworth Trust, the parent company for Truben Investment and shareholder of HOOXI Global, managing various portfolio and business.